- how I learned to deal with planter warts

Plantar Warts -
What a Pain in the Foot!

Yuk, plantar warts? I never would’ve thought I’d ever get plantar warts, but I did. Here’s how things went down ...

Some time last winter, my right heel began to hurt. It wasn’t extremely painful at first, but it was fairly persistant. For the longest time, I wasn’t sure what was causing the pain. I thought that maybe I had picked up a splinter from walking on the deck, or maybe that I had stepped on a sliver of glass in the kitchen from a broken glass. I could hear echos in my head from when I was a kid. “Don’t go in the kitchen with bare feet,” my mom would yell. “I just broke a glass.”

The pain wasn’t intolerable, but I still wanted it to stop. I poked around at my heel, but couldn’t find any wood or glass invaders. At that point, I wasn’t in pain all the time. It would only hurt when I put weight on that heel in a specific manner; I could live with it. Most importantly (since it was winter) while it hurt pretty bad when I put a ski boot on my right foot, I could still ski most of the day without too much pain.

Later that winter, the pain increased in my right heel and my left heel began to hurt, as well. I finally realized that something bizzare was happening to my feet. While the pain on my right foot was close to the middle of the bottom surface of the heel, the pain in my left foot was at the backside of the bottom of the heel; they were in similar, but not exact locations.

The warts on my heels soon made it excrutiatingly painful to walk. Not only was it painful, it was embarassing to be hobbling around like an old man. I soaked my feet, I elevated them, I tried everything I could.

Then I started doing some research on the Internet. I went to all of the usual places-like some unusal places, too. Soon I had come up with a self-diagnosis.

The bumps on my heels were warts. :O Plantar warts, to be exact. That's spelled P-L-A-N-T-A-R, not PLANTER ... while you can't get planter warts from spending too much time fiddling around in your garden shed, you can get them from going barefoot at your Jazzercise class.

Ack! Warts!
I had plantar warts on my feet!

Warts inspire fear, for whatever reason. Of course, it's easy to track this back to childhood.

What kid isn't afraid of warts?

This was not the first time I had to deal with warts. I survived a slight bout of warts when I was a little kid--three decades ago. I think I had a total of two or three of the dreaded things on my fingers. I hated the things. Okay, I admit it ... more then just hatred, I was scared of the things. Petrified.

One of my childhood pals took great glee in tourmenting me about my fear of warts. "Wart Seeds! Wart Seeds!" he would exclaim as he flicked his warts in my general direction. Typically, I'd run away. I mean, after all ... who wants warts?

I distinctly remember one wart on my thumb. And I remembered that it was cured through the dutiful application of Compound W ... (I can still smell that stuff I used for wart removal ... it's acrid smell made for strong memories.)

Plantar Wart Removal - a noble quest

I vowed to rid myself of those dreaded plantar warts. I continued my research and collected the best links I could find on plantar wart removal. Little did I know that one day I would create an entire web site about plantar warts ... who would've thought that my quest to remove the plantar warts from my feet would lead to this ...


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